Every year, thousands of international visitors travel to The Gambia, mostly because of its idyllic beaches along the Atlantic Ocean, consistent sunshine and wildlfe. 

And speaking of wildlife, the Gambia has six national parks and reserves, covering nearly 4% of the national land area, plus several forest parks. 

The island city, and capital city of Banjul is a must stop. Albert Market in the city center is a major draw, as there one can purchase local crafts and fabrics, plus enjoy the local food and music.

Export and Import of Gambia, Gambia Foreign Trade.


Gambia has experienced both balance of trade deficit as well as balance of payment deficit over various years.



Major exportable items of the country are fish, peanuts, and cotton. Its exports partners are Hong Kong, United Kingdom, France and Spain.

Important importable items of the country are fuel, machines and manufacturing. For imports Gambia depends upon the countries such as France, Senegal, Hong Kong and Netherlands.

The following diagram sows the levels of exports and imports of the country over various years:


In the year 1967, Gambia joined the World Bank. Since then the bank has undertaken many steps for reducing poverty and fostering economic growth.